Big Trust, Not Big Data

Liberty Vaults is powered by SIM&PIN, our Digital ‘Trust Engine’. Built to be Secure, Simple, Private and Universal. We believe in Liberty and think the ‘Internet Establishment’ are abusing trust in search of profit. At Liberty Vaults we put you in control of your digital life. Explore the site to see how we are different.

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Everything you do online is monitored or measured, from your phone, your tablet, your PC, even it seems the once loyal watch will be part of the human tagging apparatus that records your every move. The ‘Internet Establishment’ who apparently do no evil, do this so you look at thousands of pointless adverts, trying to make you buy things you didn’t know you needed or want. Some ‘Free’ services even change the news feeds you get to make you unduly sad or happy, depending of course on who they have sold the next advertising space to...? Surely our so called ‘democratic’ leaders would put a stop to this barbaric stripping of our Rights? Oh wait a minute... they are one of the biggest culprits... We deserve Privacy not snooping when we live our lives in respect of each other and the law. We deserve the right to a digital life, not to be treated as digital slaves, sold onto the highest bidders by the internet establishment. We deserve Liberties. We need Liberty Vaults.


We will never assume ownership of your personal content.
Usernames and Passwords are insecure: We will ‘Make Passwords History’.
We will give you access to your online life, Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere.
We will make your life simple, One Touch for every repetitive task is our mission.
We will never sell your personal activity data in the vaults without your consent and opt in.
We will never put advertising within the vaults.
We will stop advertisers targeting and retargeting you with follow you advertising in the vaults or browsers.
We respect your liberty, we expect you to respect the law.
Liberty expressed by our members should never remove or reduce liberty from others.
We will always be transparent when reporting our activity.
We will constantly innovate.
We will bring you the best content and services partners on the planet.





Our vision

How it works

Liberty Vaults is a highly secure place for you to interact and transact, a place to store your precious documents and photos. We don’t try and do anything with them, they are yours. No more Passwords... We have a mission to ‘Make Passwords History’. So we don’t use them. We have a very simple 2 factor authentication (SIM&PIN) the same as the technology on your bank card, so you can enter your Vaults very simply and very securely with a four digit PIN.


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Using our highly secure Two-Factor Authentication engine SIM&PIN.
Our members can access a secure cloud via their mobile device. Due to the authentication technology, this cloud is only accessible by them from their device, or devices using secure digital channels. This means we safeguard them from malware, attacks, viruses and phishing attempts. Keeping them, their credentials and personal content secure.

Highly secure two-factor authentication engine SIM&PIN
Something I have; my SIM
Something I know; my PIN

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We make hard to remember, long, alpha numeric passwords history!
Easy and accurate form filling and checkout every time. No more fumbling with wallets and credit cards. No more mistyping credit card details on a 4 inch screen. No more remembering or forgetting passwords.

Multiple Vaults that mirror 'lifes' Multiple Vaults that mirror 'lifes'

Liberty Vaults gives users the freedom to interact and transact with One Touch, securely and simply. One Touch transactions
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ZERO TOLERANCE of tracking of users and selling their activity data within the Liberty Vaults.
Unlike other sites, the ownership of all files, pictures etc. remains with the user.
No snooping, no manipulation or sharing, without explicit opt in from the users, and without an upside for them.
All images, files, personal information, passwords and interactions are locked away using the SIM&PIN ‘Trust Engine’. Only the end user can unlock the Vaults.
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And you can use it on any device, anytime, anywhere.
We have native apps for Smartphones and Tablets which connect with our Cloud Vaults.
However, to be truly universal we have added a Secure Desktop function. This allows users to open their Vaults via any browser, on any machine worldwide using a ‘one time passcode’ created on their mobile. This means they can make use of the security, simplicity, and privacy of the Liberty Vaults. Whilst wanting to visit the merchants contained within the Vaults, from a laptop or desktop without compromising themselves. They can also halt the Vault access at anytime, using their phone or tablet for added comfort and security.

Getting started

To find out more, begin by downloading your Liberty Vaults app. It’s quick and easy to set-up and will be available very soon.
Pre-register here for the launch.

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About your eco-system

With Liberty Vaults, you decide how to create an ecosystem that works for you. Your vaults let you access a wide range of new and existing services, our Trust Engine will remember and manage your logins, billing, shipping and payment details – It will even automatically join you to new services with One Touch making digital life much simpler and highly secure.

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