Any Device. Any Service. Anywhere.

Any device. Any service. Anywhere.

Whether you use Android or Apple, or a combination of the two - Liberty is the browser that works across all your devices in real time. So, if you add a Dating Folder on your tablet, it will be in your phone. Add a Shopping Folder in your phone and you’ll find it automatically in your tablet. What’s more, our desktop application is in development and coming soon.

  • Android | iPhone | Tablet & Desktop coming soon...

Liberty is the browser reimagined and engineered

One tap access

One tap access to password protected sites & One tap access to join new sites.

One tap transaction

One tap filling of billing and shipping addresses & One tap for payment details.

Automated information

We automate all those boring, repetitive tasks that you hate, but have to do to get anything done online.

In device, not in the cloud

Our patented SIM&PIN technology encrypts all your personal information in device. Your data stays with you. Only you can access it.

Multi device

Across all your devices – phone or tablet, iOS or Android.

Mobile wallet

No more fumbling with wallets and credit cards. No more mistyping credit card details on a 4 inch screen.

Making passwords history

No more remembering or forgetting passwords.

No more 'Big Browser'

Search the web with a private in app browser where all your time spent online is safe and private.

Free & Clear

Liberty is always free to use and transparent in our dealing with users and our partners.

SIM&PIN - how it works

Our patented SIM &PIN technology is unique to Liberty. It’s a fast, simple, and highly secure two factor authentication. It means with a quick tap, you unlock Liberty and a faster, simpler, safer way to live your life online.


  • Something you Have /
    in Device or app


  • Something you Know /
    Unique to You


  • Security that sets you free

Create your own personal and private Vaults, organized around the online services, networks and brands you use.

And once again. Liberty is
, and always will be, FREE.

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